Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Why are we luddites or laggards? we should at least have the option of Leaping i.e. to leap into the void of this new WWW2.0. the way "nobody even knows what it means?" Tim Berners-Lee .

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cyril said...

I like the term tecnhology luddites. They kind of use the useful things and forget the latest craze. Blogs useful as a global newspaper. The best ones inho scrape stories from all over the world and are run by someone with a very solid professional reputation. An excellent example is

It provides views from all over the world on a daily basis, without the local country tilt.

The other luddite tool is Skpye. International calls for pennies if the other party has skype its 100% free. It will force all the global telephone companies to become cable tv firms.

Blogs, VOIP etc. They do both they can isolate an individual or bring people together. Your location is meaningless. Its all only starting....