Sunday, 11 February 2007

What am I a subversive, laggard or luddite?

Oxford English Dictionary Definitions :

Subversive - seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution
Laggard - a person who falls behind others
Luddite - a person opposed to industrialisation or new technology

I am in week 5 of an MBA module - Managing Information Systems (MIS) at Manchester Business School and boy oh boy, to quote Katie and Peter - am I entering a whole new world?
I consider myself computer savvy and able to appreciate what I can do - I have a grade C computer studies O level (really useful to know how many nibbles=a bit and bits =a byte) and in recent job roles have rolled out and implemented major IT developments but oh boy, am I feeling challenged by this virtual world.
Until five weeks ago my only experience of the virtual world was courtesy of Johnny Vegas in Room 101 - one of the funniest bits of TV I have seen and I urge you to watch it if you can. Anyway, in the last five weeks I have been educated in this virtual world and find out that multinational companies purchase land in this virtual world (did they pay cash?) and that people regularly communicate via blogs. Here in lies my issue - will we lose the art of verbal conversation, social interaction in the real world and the ability to read how people are really feeling by watching their facial expressions as we converse? Who lives in this virtual world - normal people, lonely people, shy people, everyday people who like IT (lovingly referred to me as Geeks) or at the extreme scale, terrorists and perverts. Who knows? Am I a mean parent for not letting my 11 year old son use chat rooms which I perceive as full of danger - on the flip side I let him cross roads - but have provided him with the skills to reduce the associated risks with crossing the road and should I not do the same for the internet and this virtual world.
Do all these thoughts make me a subversive, laggard or luddite - I have no idea - but what I do know is that my roast beef is not going to cook itself and my family won't be happy with a virtual Sunday lunch and therefore I am off now to sort that out. I think therefore for the present I am happier in my real world but will dabble in the virtual as I know if I don't I will get left behind.
Speak soon JJB

PS - Have to say this is the second time I have written this article - lost the first one (flamin IT for you when I tried to link this piece with web links to Katie and Peter - help please Shoja next weeks lesson please in blogging is how to do this?


Anonymous said...

I too have a computer studies O Level and still do not understand bits, bytes and nibbles - but - I think blogs can be a way forward but need regulating

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